Tips and Tricks

  •  If you use Raffia or any other type of ribbon on the outside of the bottle you must use a box to mail it
  • Use tissue paper to wrap around the bottle in your box. It looks great
  • Natural colored sand looks the best. Try and stay with that if possible.
  • When attaching colored tape to the top, don't stretch it. Just lay it around with only a small amount of force.
  • Use small rubber bands to hold your invitations after rolling them.
  • Use the smallest mailing label possible when mailing a plastic bottle without a box. 
  • Make one MIB up first and take it to your post office to check how much postage will be. They will give you an exact price.
  • If you are burning the edges of the paper print several test sizes of fonts. Make sure you have enough space on the edges!
  • Either roll your invitation real tight or tie a length of ribbon or raffia to it. Have the raffia just barely stick out of the edge of the bottle.
  • MIB's are great for invitations, mailers, parties, car dealers, promotions, or just about anything else you can think of.


Here is a great trick for the bottles that sells. Take a regular sized (8.5 x 11) piece of paper and turn it sideways. Long way horizontal. If you cut this paper straight up and down in the middle you will have 2 pieces perfect for those bottles. WOW 2 for 1! You will end up with a 4 1/4 by 5 1/2  sheet, just set your printer to print your invite to that size. We reccomend testing it out on a regular sheet first to get the dimensions right.